buy a gift card

This demo is brought to you by Gift Up! and showcases the basic experience when buying a gift card through our drop-in checkout. You’ll notice that it fits in with the website theme nicely and your customers never have to leave your website 😊

You can configure your checkout completely and easily all from inside the Gift Up! dashboard.


Since you’ll not be wanting to really buy a gift card for our fake restaurant (however much you want to!), use these card details instead:

Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Expiry: 12/30
CV2: 123
Zip: 12345

You can also test applying a promotion by entering the code STEAK10


A seamless buying experience your customers will love

A beautiful, out of the box experience that you and your customers will love. Your customers do not leave your website, and we use the latest payment tech like Apple PayGoogle Pay as well as PayPal and regular credit & debit cards.